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Notifications are messages configured in an HR system to advise of any change of situation or change in a particular condition due to a new piece of data (Example 2). These are especially useful for onboarding (Example 1) and offboarding (Example 3), to make sure nothing is missed, which often happens with manual methods. These messages can usually be email or SMS format.

Example 1:

On receiving confirmation that a new employee will start in for weeks’ time, that employee is entered into the HR system, effective on the starting date.

In the meantime, Notifications can be set to advise the following of all new starters:


Department Head – memo as well as schedule team introductions and probation review in x months

Reception / Security – for a smooth arrival and add to phone list

IT security – to ensure access from Day One, perhaps also PC / Laptop.

Facilities – Desk, Phones etc.

Payroll – to ensure check-in on arrival

Learning & Development – for company induction


Pension provider

Life Assurance provider

Health Insurance provider

Company car provider – if applicable

Everything is ready from Day One for the new arrival, creating a favourable impression from the outset.

Example 2:

If specified induction course has not been completed withing a month of arrival

If prescribed development training has not been completed within 3 months of performance appraisal

If number of First Aiders or Fire Officers fall below the required number due to someone leaving.

If a staff member is being paid below statutory minimum.

Example 3:

An employee resigns and notifications go out in reverse order to ensure a complete handover:


Reception / Security – to delete from lists on leaving date, hand over any ID, etc.

IT security – to ensure deletion of access from leaving date. Hand back Laptop or reassign desk PC.

Facilities – Vacant desk, Hand back any Company property.

Payroll – to ensure final pay and payslip ready for final day.


Pension provider

Life Assurance provider

Health Insurance provider

Company car provider – if applicable for hand back.

This reduces the risk of people retaining Company property or having access to premises or systems after leaving date.

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