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NETWORX podcast

The Three Basic Laws of HR Software:

With much of the world’s business now operating predominantly online due to the pandemic,  HR software and its management have become even more important than before.

In this latest episode of Networx’s  The Talent Exchange podcast   Jessica Dodds talked to Denis to gather his insights into the current HR software landscape, and in particular:

How to make the most of your HR software

Managing selection and implementation of systems and

The Three Basic Laws of HR technology.

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Quick Tips

Quick Tips Part ten

Deals with HR technologies that help protect the workforce against uncomfortable workplace experiences.

  1.  Employees can and do experience workplace problems because of poor or toxic management.
  2. There are HR Tech solutions to combat these problems, and two of these tools are mentioned.
  3. Humaxa has a digital assistant called Max to constantly monitor employee mood and escalate concerns to the appropriate channel.
  4. Speakfully provides a platform where employees can anonymously report and document their problem experiences.

Quick Tips Part Nine

Deals with using HR technology to protect the workforce against burnout.

In HRSoftwareFinder Quick Tips #8 we talked about HR technology and new working styles. In editions #9 and #10 we’re going to talk about how technology can be used to protect your workforce.

  1. Access to business systems can be built around working patterns
  2. A worked employee example is shown
  3. The era of unpaid work is slowly coming to a close as part of the move to improve employee wellness.

Quick Tips Part Eight

Deals with HR technology and how it can relate to new working styles.

In HRSoftwareFinder Quick Tips #8 we are going to talk about HR technology and new working styles. 

  1.   Flexible working has continued beyond the 2020 pandemic.
  2. Using HR software to set up working patterns.
  3. Remote, Hybrid or WFH employees can log on for their working hours using PC punch.
  4. Employers owe a duty of care to their employees.
  5.  Transparency and Trust are key in managing new working pattern

Quick Tips Part Seven

Deals with an important HR software requirement for small enterprises and start-ups

  1. Is there a difference between HR software for start-ups and HR software for small companies?

  2. Common factors are records for contracted hours, work patterns and time worked

  3. People who #remotework or #wfh are more likely to overwork

  4.  Employers must guard against employee #burnout

    HR software for start-ups

    HR software for small companies

    Employee Wellness considerations

Quick Tips Part Six

Deals with nos. 1-5 of the questions most asked of our consultancy over the past few years

6. What are the main things that can go wrong?

7. Is it best to host in the cloud or on my own servers?

8. Is it worth having the software hosted by the supplier?

9. Is it worth outsourcing my HR software?

10. Is there HR software that works for several countries?


Quick Tips Part Five

Deals with nos. 1-5 of the questions most asked of our consultancy over the past few years

  1. At what point would I need HR software?

  2. How long should my HR software last?

  3. What’s the most costly thing about getting new HR software?

  4. How long should it take to install new HR software?

  5. Is it best to have HR & payroll combined in the same software?


Quick Tips Part Four

Deals with Compliance HR reports

In HR Software Quick Tips PART 4, we cover reports that help us comply and check how we are doing

  • Diversity Equality & Inclusion analysis

  • Gender Pay Gap reporting – the same structure can be used for all DEI categories

  • Check you are complying with any Minimum Wages requirements

  • Notify you each time you need to replace a specified role such as First Aid responder or Fire Warden

  • Audit to identify all transactions in the system plus Date, Time and Person.


Quick Tips Part Three

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Deals with Operational HR reports

In HR Software Quick Tips PART 3, we look at one aspect of HR software reporting – Operational HR reports.

  • Find out from your people what they want.

  • Data must be accurate and up to date.

  • Break down by business unit

  • Headcount report in FTE plus temp and contracts

  • Salary report plus cost of benefits

  • Absence report – Use Bradford Factor or similar filter

  • Leaver report plus reason for leaving.

  • Performance, by business unit, by individual, with identified milestones

  • Learning & Development report relating spend to performance.


Quick Tips Part Two

Deals with HR software demonstrations

In HR Software Quick Tips PART 2, we give some advice on HR software product demonstrations.

  • What should you be looking for?

  • Module doesn’t mean it works for you

  • Let the vendor know what you are looking for

  • Three types of demonstrations

  • What are the conditions?

  • Send scenarios to be demonstrated

  • Scoring system

  • Two-part demo to avoid fatigue

Thank the vendor!


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Quick Tips Part One

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Deals with getting the most out of your HR software:

In HR Software Quick Tips PART 1, we look at what HR software can do when it’s working well, and how to max it.

  • Is it over 5 years old?

  • Are your HR & payroll integrated?

  • Your data

  • New Starters

  • Organisation charts

  • Access for reports

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